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Subsea Explore Services (Subsea) is a specialize Service Contractor primarily involve in Oil and Gas industry in the area of seabed-to-surface covering worldwide. We provide wide range of equipments and technology solutions tailored to the given objective with cost-effective solutions.


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Business Segments

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Business Activities
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ROV Solutions

Underwater Inspection, Survey and Maintenance Support Activities

Pipeline Inspection / Survey
General Visual Inspection (GVI)
Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
Cathodic Protection Survey and Calibration (CP)
Marine Growth Survey
Scour and Debris Survey
Flood Member Detection Survey (FMD)
Offshore Structure Cleaning

Drilling Support Activities

Seabed Survey
Drill String Assistance
Seabed Samples
Bullseye Reading
Water Jetting / Dredging
Gas Bubble Watch

Construction Support Activities

Installation of Offshore Structure
Subsea Pipeline Installation
Subsea Riser Installation
Subsea Expansion Spool Installation
Survey Solutions

Underwater Cameras and Video
Hydrographic and Positioning Survey
Inertial Navigation System
Pipeline Route/Tracking Survey
Cable Route/Tracking Survey
ROV System and Sensors
Terrestrial Survey
Diving Solutions

Air Diving System

Offshore Construction / Inspection Work
Inspection of Seabed
Grout Bag Filling for Jacket Levelling
Pin Pile Positioning in Conductor
Connecting Tie Back Cables
Launching Pigs
Stinger Inspection
Touchdown Inspection
Cutting Buckled Pipelines
Metrology of Spools
Riser Clamps & Risers Installation
Spool Installation
Free Span Grout Bag Installation
Micro Piling

Underwater Cameras and Videos
NDT Inspection Services

Ultrasonic Inspection
Electro Magnetic Array Testing (EMA)
Corrosion Mapping
ABI Scanning
Advance UT
Computed Radiography Inspection
Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
Magnetic Flux Leak Inspection
Remote Field Eddy Current
Cathodic Potential System
Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
Engineering and Consultation Services

Control and Automation Solution
Pneumatic Logic Control Solution (PLC)
Electrical Engineering Solution
Corrosion Engineering
Berthing Sedimentation Prevention Solution
Underwater Engineering Solution
Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Electrical Power Installation

HV, LV, ELV for Power Stations, Sub Stations, Power Transmission and Distribution Lines

HV, LV, ELV and Telecommunications for High-rise Buildings and Infra Works

Mechanical Installation

HVAC, ACMV, Plumbing, Sanitary and Fire Protection Services
Telecommunication Services

Installation of Telecommunications Equipment Telecommunication Switching System Installation Fiber Optic Communication System Installation System Integration Of Telecommunications Network

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